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Personal Information Protection Policy

WestudyAway (WESTUDYAWAY LTD hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has the following corporate philosophy:
create solid cultural bridges, facilitating the process of mobility with a system of international partnerships.

Assistance to students and travellers from all over the world through an innovative process of bureaucratic simplification to facilitate the organization of study experiences abroad or homestay.

The main activities of the Company are Study experiences abroad in Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, and homestay experiences in the aforementioned countries.

The Company is fully aware of how important it is to correctly manage the personal data of its customers and of all persons linked to their respective activities.

The Company has entered into the personal data protection policy set out below, declaring to implement it and maintain it among all the members of the board of directors, employees and collaborators, making sure that they know it thoroughly.

  1. Regarding the personal information provided for commercial purposes or the personal data of the employees, the Company will comply with the laws and rules related to the management of personal data, the guidelines established by the respective National Governments, or other related rules.

  2. Regarding the management, collection, use and supply of personal data, it will be carried out in a lawful way and in order to fulfil the contractual obligations towards customers. If data management is necessary for purposes that go beyond the purposes set out in this information, the individual will be informed again with updated information in order to obtain a new adhesion, otherwise, the respective personal data will not be used for purposes. other than those previously agreed.

  3. The Company will take the necessary corrective and security measures to reduce as far as possible any risk of fraudulent access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal data managed by it.

  4. The Company will undertake to promptly and cordially manage each individual request for disclosure, cancellation or interruption of the use of personal data, in the same way in the case of complaints or requests for clarification.

  5. The Company will endeavour to maintain an adequate system for the protection of personal data and to regularly update it based on changes in circumstances and social trends, with the ultimate aim of protecting confidential information and requests from its customers.


Implementation date: 15th of September 2019

Personal information management

WestudyAway will do its best to manage and protect the personal data protected by and managed under the Personal Data Protection Act and the Personal Data Protection Policy.

1. What is meant by “personal data”
Based on these rules, “Personal Data” means information that can lead to the identification of a specific individual, or all information that determines individuality, such as: name, nationality, address, telephone number, address e-mail, date of birth, family composition, health status, school performance, etc.

2. The reason behind the Company collection and management of personal data
The Company will manage personal data for the reasons listed below:
(1) Sending material / contacting the individual
(2) Company obligations related to the training organization (enrollment / selection, attendance / assessment register, contacting graduate / graduate students, etc.).
(3) For shared use within WESTUDYAWAY LTD
(4) For other purposes related to the aforementioned reasons

3. Sharing of personal data with third parties:
The Company promises not to share any personal data, except for the following cases:
(1) The person concerned (the student or whoever takes his place) consents to sharing.
(2) Based on a request due to laws or regulations.
(3) In the event of imminent danger to the life or safety of the person concerned and the urgency has been recognized.
(4) In the event that the need to inform the student’s tutor about the state of attendance or school progress is recognized.
(5) In the case of preparations for the following operations: travel abroad, visa application, purchase of airline tickets, procedures for preparing the dormitory or homestay stay, enrollment at the school, reception service at the airport, recommendation for part-work time.

4. Shared use of personal data
The sharing of confidential personal data may occur with our subsidiaries, operating groups, subsidiaries and divisions, or with third parties where this is necessary for the aforementioned purposes.

5. Sending personal data

In order to proceed with the operations without problems, the Company may need to provide third parties (subsidiaries, operating groups, subsidiaries and divisions) a part of the personal data updated at the time when the need arises or with the need for updates future, all in order to complete operations to fulfill their contractual obligations. In this case, both WESTUDYAWAY LTD and the affiliated companies will conduct the necessary checks, including a non-disclosure agreement between the Company and the party receiving the data.

6. Cancellation of personal data
The Company will keep the personal data of its clients until it no longer considers them necessary for the purpose of the processing. In this case, it will irreversibly delete them and it will not be possible to use them in the future.

7. Requests relating to the processing of personal data
In the event that a client expresses one of the requests mentioned below, the Company will do its best to respect its intentions and to manage the request in the way it deems most reasonable.
(1) Disclosure of content
(2) Review / Renewal / Interruption of treatment.
(3) Partial or complete withdrawal from the personal data management agreement already agreed.

8. Clarifications or complaints regarding the management of personal data

In case of clarification or complaints on the management of personal data, it will be possible to contact the Customer Service at the following address:


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