Our partner schools in Osaka

Arc Academy Osaka

ARC Academy Osaka is located in Namba which is the biggest city in Osaka.
It takes 15 minutes from Dotonbori, one of the famous tourist spots in Osaka, from school on foot, and it is very convenient for shopping and sightseeing. Even outside of the classroom, you will be able to have fun. The location also helps those who would like to find a part time job nearby school.

Speaking of Osaka Southern area, one cannot but think about takoyaki and okonomiyaki, delicious and cheap street food.

One minute walk from Osaka School, on the West side, is “Namba Parks”, a popular recreation spot with shops, restaurants and cinemas. On the East side, you can find the famous “Den-Den Town” with its electric appliances stores.

Form Osaka, cities like Kyoto, Kobe and Nara are easily accessible on weekends, for short sightseeing breaks. Other famous attractions include Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle and Kaiyukan aquarium.

You will surely fall in love with this lively, energetic “merchants town” once you experience it.


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