Our partner schools in Kyoto

ISI Kyoto

ISI Kyoto is the ideal choice for those who would love to study Japanese while discovering tradition and culture. It is located near many famous landmarks and offers different activities to experiences.

Thanks to its smaller classes, students can benefit from a more relaxed atmosphere and more opportunities to talk and interact with their classmates and the teacher.

Arc Academy Kyoto School

Arc Academy Kyoto is part of the Arc Academy group of schools in Japan.

These schools are renowned for the quality of their courses, their teachers, and their teaching method which focuses on developing students’ communication skills.

Genkijacs Kyoto

Genkijacs Kyoto is only minutes away from the wonderful Gion district. About 20 minutes (subway ride) away by the Kyoto Station and a 25-minute stroll away from the world-famous Kiyomizu-dera.

Genkijacs differs in its tailor-made courses for Western students since most of its students come from the United States, Australia and Europe.


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