School Introduction

ISI schools are very popular in the industry, especially for their preparation courses for universities or professional schools.
They represent the ideal choice for those who want to continue their studies in Japan at the end of the language course, as a matter of fact, ISI schools boast a high percentage of successful students passing the entry exams for prestigious universities and professional schools.

Even those who are not interested in continuing their studies in Japan will be able to benefit a lot from the wide range of courses offered by the ISI schools.


English-Speaking Staff

The school can provide assistance in English

Part-time job support

The schools posts and updates available part-time job opportunities and prepares the studentes for the interviews


The school organizes different events where is possible to mingle and chat with Japanese Students

Also for Beginners

You can study at this school even if you have never studied Japanese before.

Full-Time job support

From interview preparation to business Japanese classes, this school assists those who are ready to find a full-time job

Students' lounge

Area where the students gather to eat, chat or do their homework. Free Wi-Fi for all the students.


General Japanese Course

Course for students with different needs. Available for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Private courses, Japanese Business courses or JLPT and EJU exam preparation are also available. Designed to improve the four language skills in a balanced way: Conversation, Writing, Reading and Listening. It is the Japanese course par excellence. Ideal for those who want to study in Japan for an extended period of at least 6 months, therefore with the Student Visa. Regardless of what your goal is once you finish the course, if you want to learn Japanese without giving up the opportunity to work part-time or enjoy the experience in Japan, this is the right course for you.


Why is intensity essential?

The intensity of the course determines your free time.  It reflects your progress in learning the Japanese language and the amount of time you can spend working or enjoying your life in Japan.



School Location


Elective Classes
and Extra Courses

The Long Term course from the Intermediate level onwards, includes optional classes that you can attend according to your objectives:

Short-Term Practical Japanese Course

This short but intensive course has a different approach than the Standard one. The purpose of the lessons of this course is to enhance the communicative skills (written and oral) of the students who attend them through the "CANDO" method, that is, by setting objectives at the end of each lesson for the acquisition of language skills, for example:

"By the end of this lesson, the students will have learned to ..."
To do this, ISI guarantees greater student-teacher interaction through a small number of students per class.

Summer Course

This short-term course is the ideal choice for those who want to learn or improve their Japanese while studying the culture through the experiences and activities organized by the school.

Term starts and length

Short-term Course

Duration: 3 months
Entrance Months: January, April, July, October

Long-term Course

Duration: 6 months / 12 months / 18 months / 24 months
Entrance Months: January, April, July, October

* Usually lessons begin on the first or the second week of the month


Choose the mode that suits you!

Weekly Course*

Without Student Visa
¥ 26,075 Per week
  • Tuition Fees ¥17,000
  • School Material ¥8,250
  • Other Taxes ¥825

Short-Term Practical Japanese Course*

Without Student Visa
¥ 29,325 Per week
  • Tuition Fees ¥20,000
  • School Material ¥8,500
  • Other Taxes ¥825

* The prices of the Weekly Course and the Practical Japanese Course vary according to the weeks in which you enroll (they are discounted).
Write to us for more information.

3 Months

Without Student Visa
¥ 201,500 In Total
  • Registration Fee ¥15,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥170,000
  • Other Fees ¥16,500

6 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 450,000 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥22,000
  • Registration Fee ¥55,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥340,000
  • Other Fees ¥33,000

12 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 823,000 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥22,000
  • Registration Fee ¥55,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥680,000
  • Other Fees ¥66,000

18 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 1,181,150 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥22,000
  • Registration Fee ¥55,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥1,005,150
  • Other Fees ¥99,000

24 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 1,569,000 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥22,000
  • Registration Fee ¥55,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥1,360,000
  • Other Fees ¥132,000

Note: The fees include lessons, staff support, extra-curricular activities, and teaching material.

That's it!

We assume you might have more questions to ask us,  meanwhile we invite you to check our FAQ

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