School Introduction

With over 40 year of experience in teaching Japanese Language, Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute is the perfect choice for those who are willing to study in a Japanese University or Vocational School, or work in Japan.

Ezoe Teaching Method is a unique tool used to teach foreigners through a visual approach

School Features

Ezoe Method

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute differentiates itself from other language schools for its original teaching style―called the Ezoe Method. The Ezoe Method uses cards and gestures to help students easily and quickly learn Japanese grammar.
Since SNG’s founding in 1975, this Ezoe Method had been in the making. Now, having been taught for over 40 years, this teaching method has proven effective in improving hundreds of international students’ levels of speaking, reading, and writing Japanese.

While the Ezoe Method is mainly used for teaching international students, its simplicity and success has sparked the interests of many. It has also been utilized in other types of schools, such as elementary schools and schools for deaf children around Japan.

There are various cards that the Ezoe Method uses which represent different parts of speech (noun, verb, particle, etc.) Students are taught many ways in which they can arrange and rearrange these cards like Legos to form grammatically-correct sentences. In addition to the cards, the Ezoe Method uses gestures for remembering verb conjugations.

Another useful aspect about the Ezoe Method is its smooth integration into technology. Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute teamed up with NTT Communications to create grammar and vocabulary apps for students to use before, during, and after class to practice Japanese wherever they are.
These apps, called VLJ (“Visual Learning Japanese”), allow students to search for any hiragana, katakana, and kanji, look up their parts of speech and examples, watch videos that are related to the character, and much more.
Students can also utilize a website that contains all the lessons from their classes in video format so that they can watch or re-watch what they’ve learned.
With the Ezoe Method instruction students learn in class, combined with the apps and website they can use outside of class, this blended learning technique has revolutionized the way our students have learned Japanese.

Visual Learning Japanese

A great way for students to quickly and efficiently learn Japanese

VLJ (Visual Learning Japanese), our original blended- learning system, is available to all our beginner- level students. The system is a combination of online and offline contents and in-class lessons that will allow you to learn the language efficiently. The smartphone and tablet applications and the LMS (Learning Management System) enable students to access the class content at all times and to practice and review the lessons whenever necessary, which results in the faster acquisition the language.

VLJ is a cutting-edge, e-learning Japanese language application for corporations that use cloud services. Its blended learning technique includes a multimedia curriculum reinforced with classroom-based training.

Learning Japanese with VLJ

“Visual Learning Japanese” (VLJ) allows learners to quickly and efficiently master the language. Its smartphone/tablet app increases accessibility and maximizes exposure to the language, which SNG truly believes is essential for learning any language.
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up (varies with device), or iOS 6.1 or later (compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).



English-Speaking Staff

The school can provide assistance in English

Part-time job support

The schools posts and updates available part-time job opportunities and prepares the studentes for the interviews


The school organizes different events where is possible to mingle and chat with Japanese Students

Also for Beginners

You can study at this school even if you have never studied Japanese before.

Full-Time job support

From interview preparation to business Japanese classes, this school assists those who are ready to find a full-time job

Students' lounge

Area where the students gather to eat, chat or do their homework. Free Wi-Fi for all the students.


General Japanese Course

Course for students with different needs. Available for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Private courses, Japanese Business courses or JLPT and EJU exam preparation are also available. Designed to improve the four language skills in a balanced way: Conversation, Writing, Reading and Listening. It is the Japanese course par excellence. Ideal for those who want to study in Japan for an extended period of at least 6 months, therefore with the Student Visa. Regardless of what your goal is once you finish the course, if you want to learn Japanese without giving up the opportunity to work part-time or enjoy the experience in Japan, this is the right course for you.

Tourism Business Japanese

Even for this course the school has prepared its own material. Through this course students learn how to handle politely and professionally different work situations while speaking in Japanese. It is reccommended for those who are willing to work in shops, hotels, restaurants and other service/hospitality positions. Every term, students are involved in a teamwork-based activity that aims to the creation and promotion of a tour. Language level required: Intermediate (JLPT N3)

Business Japanese Course

Shinjuku Japanese Language Institute uses its own books, for this courses it uses a course-tailored book: "New Businessman Story". Through this course students will deepen their knowledge of business language, manners, writing styles and keigo (polite speech) through a series of business situation role-plays. Every term, students participate in a “new product design meeting” team project, where groups compete to create the best new design. Required level: JLPT N2

Teacher Training Course

This course is peculiar for those who are willing to become Japanese Language Teachers, it includes different sessions of teaching methodology (vocabulary, syllabi, pronunciation and language structure). It also focuses on learning the Ezoe Method of teaching, with a lesson plan created by each candidate that will be presented at the end of the course. Language Level required: JLPT N1.

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Why is intensity important?

The intensity of the course determines your free time.  It reflects your progress in learning the Japanese language and the amount of time you can spend working or enjoying your life in Japan.



Other Courses

Higher Education Preparation

Prepares students in using academic Japanese and studying for the EJU (Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students) which is required when applying to universities in Japan.

JLPT Preparation Course

These classes focus on the recurring questions and exercises used in the previous years' JLPT N1 and N2 exams.

Term Starts each year

Long Term Course

Duration: 6 months / 2 years
Term Start: April / October

Short Term Course

Duration: 3 months
Term Start: January, April, July, October

* Usually lessons begin on the first or the second week of the month


Choose the mode that suits you!

3 Months

Without Student Visa
¥ 215,000 In Total
  • Registration Fee ¥35,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥180,000

6 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 440,000 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥30,000
  • Enrollment Fee ¥40,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥360,000
  • Insurance Fee: ¥10,000

12 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 800,000 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥30,000
  • Enrollment Fee ¥40,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥720,000
  • Insurance Fee ¥10,000

18 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 1,170,000 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥30,000
  • Enrollment Fee ¥40,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥1,080,000
  • Insurance Fee ¥20,000

24 Months

With Student Visa
¥ 1,530,000 In Total
  • Application Fee ¥30,000
  • Enrollment Fee ¥40,000
  • Tuition Fee ¥1,440,000
  • Insurance Fee ¥20,000

* Insurance fees are paid yearly at the price of 10,000 JPY per year. Books not included.

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